Mrs. Becky Wade-Blackmon has been a Licensed Professional Cosmetologist /Instructor for over 27 years. Before she became a cosmetologist she worked for several years in the medical field, and also for the Internal Revenue Service. Life brought about a change for her. She became a single parent with four beautiful young daughters to care for. She would need a second income. So, she gave it some thought and decided to attend Neilson’s Beauty College. She attended Beauty College part-time, while working full-time at Internal Revenue Service. After, graduating from Beauty College she worked part-time at the Hair Galley. After, several years passed she begin to understand that this was one of her natural Gifts for God. He wanted to use her as she worked to improve the appearance of her customers and even their morale. It was no longer extra income, but it became a career. Years later Becky’s Royal Beauty Palace was established under the entrepreneurship of Mrs. Becky Wade- Blackmon. She exemplifies Professionalism and is all about promoting healthy hair as well. She has attended the Dudley University in Greensboro, North Carolina for advance training, and is recognized as a Dudley Alumni. She has also been an Instructor for Texas Beauty and Barber College (Dallas). In addition, Mrs. Blackmon has served as a judge for several hair shows.

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